Why choose Fiber Internet Center 

The Right Choice for Business Internet Connectivity


If your business is like most, reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity is an absolutely non-negotiable essential for operations and profitability.  You have come to the right place.  We have been focused on excellence in fiber-based Internet connectivity for business for more than a decade.  

  • Experience: Few companies have been providing fiber services as long as Fiber Internet Center. We began running fiber to businesses since 2001. No other company in our category can match our experience.

  • Focus: Our focus is on the network 24/7. Unlike others, we do distract ourselves offering customers services such as web hosting, web page design, VOIP, email services or application development. We are exclusively focused on delivering reliable, high-speed fiber Internet connectivity to your business.  

  • Optimal Network Architecture: How do you know if your current ISP operates a private backbone like ours?  We don't use hot-potato, round-robin or fail-over hop routing. With us, your packets travel through as few networks as possible. We operate multiple core routers running dynamic Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) fastest hop routing with multiple transit providers in each region. We also turbo hop your packets to skip past transit providers. We operate our own BGP direct peering routers on major peering networks, meaning: We directly trade route information and packets with companies like Google, YouTube, and Microsoft as well as DSL providers and backbones around the world. 

  • Security: In addition to fiber Internet services, we provide private inter-office connections with the same security controls and policies as those used by banks and hospitals utilize to secure information.

  • Dependability:  We proactively monitor your connection using multiple digital agents. We test your connection hundreds of times a day.  There’s no need for you to pay an outside monitoring service. In the very rare event of a disconnect, we will know before you do. Our people are automatically dispatched. We often predict and alert your IT staff even if your building power goes out on the weekends. 

  • Support: We call you. We begin immediately.  We are known for immediate, professional trained action to solve problems in real time, unlike other services where you have to wait for a callback. 

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