More about Fiber to Clouds & DataCenters 

A simple example.

1. You purchase a circuit from Fiber Internet Center to your cloud provider or co-location rack space. It can be any size that fits your needs. From 5 meg/sec to a full GigE port, possibly more.

fiber-internet-center-cloud med-2

2. You provide us the location coordinates. (We can help you with that).

3. We order the facility cross connection. Each facility has different fees for this and it will be included as part of your service quote.

4. We tap fiber in the streets to your office. Build and install the path and gear you attach to your LAN. The other end either attaches to the cloud providers Ethernet port or your Datacenter rack gear. 

We make it easy. One single hop from your office. No Internet transit or hops through other routers. To save you money, one pipe and 2 ports with Quality of Service levels.

As part of this service we can assist you with logistics.

It is possible to have both Internet Access and the direct path on the same circuit. Internet traffic appears in your office on a separate port. We can prioritize your packets Quality-of-Service (QOS) to be higher than your office's Internet traffic. To help you with bandwidth management, we will provide you graphs for each, in real time.


You can get any connection for various pipe sizes, from 5 meg/sec to a full Gigabit.   

We can also provide you another Internet providers service from any datacenter. Get your Internet from them and a fiber ethernet connection from Fiber Internet center. 

Call sales and learn more. 

California DataCenter Facilities List

Palo Alto Internet Exchange, Palo Alto

Layer42 3080 Raymond, Santa Clara

Layer42 1555 Plymouth, Mountain View

Coresite Market Post Tower, San Jose

Coresite Valley Exchange, San Jose

Coresite One Wilshire, Los Angeles

Coresite Annex, Los Angeles

Equinix SV1 (Great Oaks), San Jose

Equinix SV2 (Duane), Santa Clara

Equinix SV3 (Lundy), San Jose

Equinix SV4 (Caspian), Sunnyvale

365 Main, San Francisco

200 Paul, San Francisco

190 Park Center Plaza, San Jose

1700 Richard, Santa Clara

1111 Karlstad, Sunnyvale

1100 Space Park, Santa Clara

Level3 1380 Kifer, Sunnyvale

Qwest 1400 Kifer, Sunnyvale

KDWEB 50 W San Fernando, San Jose

DataPipe 150 S First, San Jose

Out of State DataCenter Facilities

Westin Building, Seattle, WA

Equinix Ashburn, VA

111 8th Ave, New York, NY

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