Ethernet Cable 

Need to make an ethernet cable?

You need a specail ethernet crimper tool - sold wherever you purchased your cable.

T-568A  & B  are simply reference numbers the world uses. To make a straight cable pick A or B and build both ends that way. To make a cross over cable make one end B and the other A.  Not so confusing now right ?     

 A to A is striaght cable  and  B to B is also a straight cable   Straight cables are used to connect a computer to a switch or router.   

A to B is cross over cable. Cross over is needed between switches/routers or when connecting two computers together.


Note the plug image indicating where PIN 1 is located. Generally when building the cable it is easier to flip the connector over with the pins facing the ground so that you can see the colors line up inside the plug. Keep track of pin 1.

Pushing the ends in so that the wires all reach the end of the plastic. The crimper tool pushes the the pins inward through the wire colored insulation to make a solid contact with  the copper wires.

Cable problems cause all kinds of issues. So make sure the wires reach the end and then crimp hard so the pins make contact with the copper wire.  

That's it now practice.

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