Fiber to Clouds & DataCenters


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Cloud access with remote application services need direct fiber connectivity. You can't depend on Internet hops and congested routers to deliver your packets to office desktops. You need a direct fiber connection for fast uploads. Latency issues go away when you have your own fiber Ethernet connection. Read about the problems Fiber Internet Center solves with direct one-hop Cloud access.

Fiber Internet Center provides you a direct cloud or data center circuit to your office. 

Do you have racks at facilities like PAIX, Coresite, Equinix or others ?  Fiber Internet Center can provide you that secure Ethernet connection to your office. You don't have to afford the full Gigabit, these solutions are available in starting at just 5 meg/sec.

You can get connections for 5 meg/sec to a full Gigabit and more. 

To save you money, we can provide your office one pipe and two ports to deliver the quality of service (QOS) you require: One for Internet access and one for your cloud services.

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