Cloud problems solved with direct fiber access

Problems: That the Fiber Internet Center overcomes.

#1: Updating your content from outside the cloud can be cumbersome and slow. Often updates require large file transfers that slow and clog your office Internet access. This interfers with your important office applications and services.

#2: As an Internet packet travels through multiple router hops of multiple networks. Each hop is a possible point of congestion or latency. The moment your packet leaves your Internet providers network, it's no longer a managed packet. A large cloud has a great deal of hops and rate shapes inside the cloud. Much of your latency is within the cloud itself. To keep the latency low, it's best to have a path from your office to the cloud servers with as few hops as possible. Discount Internet services do not provide this ability. If your application provides web users time sensitive information, its very important to have a path as close to the cloud as possible. It's also important to steer your customers to a more direct connection. Your end user experience is the best possible when the conenction is closest to the cloud.

#3: It doesn't matter if you utilize a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN packet has the data encrypted and travels through the same Internet router hops as all packets. In addition a VPN packet is slowed on each end by the process of encryption and decryption. This latency is added to the Internet router hops, increasing the chances that the application will fail or perform poorly.

#4: If your businesses productivity is effected by cloud performance the problem may not be the cloud servers. It could be ISP Internet router hops along the way. When connectivity is sluggish and cumbersome you spend more time on connection issues. That interferes with creativity as well as productivity.

Solution: Customers of Clouds need managed packet delivery as well as the fewest hop count possible. Fiber Internet Center is dependable. 

A connection direct to the cloud provider is a key to success. Hundreds of direct network BGP peering sessions together with major premium carrier BGP sessions reduce router hops, lower latency and increase throughput with fewest tcp/ip repeat packets. It's even possible for Fiber Intenret Center to connect your office to a cloud providers backend, direct access on thier non-Internet routable network.

Fiber Internet Center can provide you with prioritized ports. With a simple override port. Your staff simply plugs in priority traffic to that port and Fiber Internet Center makes sure it exists to the Internet first. This reduces application jitter problems. Making it easy for your IT staff to focus on your LAN, applications and computer needs. Have you ever found a provider with affordable prioritzation with LAN separation at your office?

If productivity is a priority in your organization, make the call to Fiber Internet Center.

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