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California Office Number       650-330-0428
California Statewide Fax        650-330-1744

Sales Department V.P.
Gus Sanchez  650-330-0428  Ext 250

Network Operation Center (NOC)
Technical Support   650-330-0428 Extension 2

Network Tools & Educational Aids , you can use to test all by yourself, including looking glass ping/traceroutes.

For Abuse, Reports of scans or attacks email  

NOC (at@ ) . You must include data supporting your claim for investigation to take place. This includes the IP addresses involved, yours as well as ours and any data supporting the problem. We will investigate and respond as always. 

Emergency Line  650-330-0428 Ext 251  

Network Operation Center for all technical questions email
NOC (at@)
Peering Inquiries see 
Peering Policy & Contact Info


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