Fiber to your office

A Fiber Connection to Power Your Business


We connect a GigE fiber laterally from the nearest Central Office (CO) to your office.  With our service, you don’t need to purchase a full 1,000 megabits/second (GigE) of bandwidth.  Instead, you can buy as little as 5 megabits/second and grow as you need it.  With telco framing, that's the more than 4 T1s worth of throughput – throughput that is much faster than copper and delivered to you on a FastE 100 megabit/second handoff.  Once packets reach the router, they travel along the streets at a Gigabit per second to the CO. There, they reach Fiber Internet Center in 2 or 3 thousandths of a second. An old copper T1 can't do that. With that kind of speed, it's easy to see that 5 megabits/second on fiber gets you much more than copper services can deliver.

Fast symmetrical connections are needed by today's applications.

Get Started Today and Save

We have plenty of “lit” buildings where you can get connected for 1/2 price in just 24 hours!  

Call our sales department before you move.


We have plenty of lit buildings where you can get connected for 1/2 price in just 24 hours !  

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